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The Lowy Distinguished Guest Professor framework provides support for inviting eminent experts in a variety of academic fields from abroad. These visitors become Lowy Distinguished Guest Professors during their stay. The guests are selected from a list of candidates, which is submitted by TAU faculty members. These candidates are renowned scholars who have reached leadership positions and outstanding achievements in their academic disciplines.

Candidates are selected by the IAS board members, on the basis of prominence in innovative and essential fields in scientific and academic development, while special priority is given to those areas in which collaboration between an IAS visitor and an existing research group at the University will be most beneficial.

Lowy Distinguished Guest Professors can be invited for a period of approximately one to two weeks or one to three months, and are expected to deliver a few lectures during their visit. Many of our guest gave lectures in their field of expertise, these lectures are frequently the highlight of the semester and are attended by academics from all over Israel.


Lowy Distinguished Guest Professors are free to carry out their own research at the University, to collaborate with other researchers in joint work, or to participate in any way they see fit in the life of the University. 


Lowy Distinguished Guest Professors are entitled to the reimbursement of their travel expenses to Israel based on the cost of an economy-class ticket. During their visit, they are provided with accommodation, and a per diem for the working days. The time of their visit should be coordinated with the visitor's Faculty host(s) and the IAS office.


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